More success for Lucy Walker


Over the past few years, my imprint Wyndham Books, has been reissuing the work of much-loved Australian author Lucy Walker. During her career, Lucy sold over 12 million books and was described as “Australia’s Queen of Romance”.

The reissues have been a great success in Australia, the UK and the US. In Australia in particular, the books often make up around 10% of the top 100 Western Romances on Amazon.

I’m pleased to say that following on from this renewed interest in Lucy’s work, I have arranged, in conjunction with her literary estate, for a selection of her books to be recorded as audiobooks by W F Howes Ltd and released in large print under Ulverscroft’s Aurora imprint.

Lucy’s gentle romances really are a satisfying read, and a fascinating insight into the landscape, people and customs of rural Australian in the mid-twentieth century.

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