The Exchange: What is the future of money?

25TH MAY 2023 / NEWS

I’m really looking forward to July’s Exchange event at The Athenaeum with Financial Analyst and Head of Mining and Sustainability at Bitcoin Policy UK, Susie Violet Ward.

Tuesday 18th July 2023 7pm – 8.30pm
The Athenaeum, Church Alley, Liverpool L1 3DD

What is the future of money?

Join us for a discussion with Susie Voilet Ward, Head of Mining and Sustainability at Bitcoin Policy UK, on how digital money will affect all of our lives

The use of cryptocurrenices such as Bitcoin is on the rise. Governments around the world are planning or piloting Central Bank Digitial Currencies (CBDCs). Yet most of us remain unaware of exactly what digital money is and the huge impact it will have on us.

During the evening we will explore how digital money works, the potential benefits and pitfalls, and the profound effect it is set to have on how we earn and spend money.

Financial Analyst Susie Voilet Ward argues the case for Bitcoin to foster a healthy economy, attract talent and investment, and create a country that is economically strong, financially inclusive and supports the ambitions of its citizens.

Meanwhile, could the implementation of CBDCs eventually mean ultimate government control of our spending and decision making? Is there a real risk of CBDCs leading to a social credit system and a loss of individual sovereignty?

With plenty of opportunity for audience input and interaction, this timely debate aims to deepen your understanding about the future of your money.


About Susie Violet Ward
Susie Violet Ward, Director, Head of Mining and Sustainability at Bitcoin Policy UK, is a Financial Analyst with a background in Accounting with a strong interest in Bitcoin and the environment. She has authored several research articles on the benefits of Bitcoin Mining and its advantages for the future of renewable energy.

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