Sefton Park Palm House Cultivation Evening

27TH JULY 2023 / NEWS

It was an honour and a pleasure to be part of the Sefton Park Palm House’s Cultivation Evening.

This special evening was a chance for groups and individuals to speak about their collaboration with the Palm House and how this can be built on for the future.

I spoke about how I have worked with the Palm House on a series of successful literary events, and the networking opportunities they created to forge links with and between other creative professionals in the community.

There was a fascinating variety of very interesting speakers: Trustee Louisa Burman, Jo Galbraith from Autism In Motion, Ciiku Sondergaard from 4Wings, artist and social entrepeneur Michelle Peterkin-Walker, and Dean McShane, a Liverpool John Moores Lecturer, who talked about bringing students, Playlist for Life and Dementia Friends into the Palm House.

Sefton Park Palm House is a real community asset and we are very lucky to have the passion and expertise of Head of External Relations, Kate Martinez, and Marketing and Community Manager Naomi McAllister to champion local creatives and organisations in our area.

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