The Exchange

The Exchange organises and hosts public conversations about the important issues of our age. The events encourage debate and the sharing of opinions and experiences in a welcoming and respectful environment.

The Exchange events take place in the Library Reading Room of The Athenaeum in central Liverpool. They reflect the institution’s founding principles of the search for knowledge and understanding through debate and discussion. Audience interaction is a key part of each event, and discussions can be robust and enlightening. I believe that through the ongoing exchange of ideas we can achieve a greater knowledge and understanding, and that this benefits both the individual and society as a whole.

Guest speakers have included disaster expert Professor Lucy Easthope; Financial Times journalist Brian Groom; social commentator and podcaster Konstantin Kisin, historian Dr James Crossland; financial expert Susie Violet Ward; writer and academic Matt Goodwin; writer and journalist Laura Dodsworth and behavioural psychologist Patrick Fagan. More events are planned for 2024.

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